Design and construction of water tanker trucks (water tank trucks, water bowsers, boozers), tanks for transport of food grade, industrial and flammable liquids (fuel tank trucks), designed for installation on chassis, trailers, semitrailers, containers and skids. Materials and surfaces treatment are chosen according to the requested use.

The tanks are fit for:

– Transportation and distribution of industrial water for:
– Spraying and washing of streets and tunnels
– Dust and environment control
– Fire-fighting services
– Transportation of drinking water
– Transportation of fuels
– Transportation of alimentary liquids
– Wastewater collection
– Piping drainage and plants treatment


The tanks are equipped with accessories for different uses:
– Loading and unloading units with centrifugal self-priming pumps
– Washing and spraying units with bars and adjustable nozzles
– Vacuum pumps for cesspools and sumps emptying
– Dosing and mixing equipment for foams used in fire-fighting and dust control
– Monitors having high and medium max. head
– Pumping and measuring units with positive displacement pumps and mechanical/electrical liter-counter
– Computerized systems for functions control on vehicles’ board
– Mechanical or hydraulic driving, even by means of auxiliary engines

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