Ravasini, founded in the 30’s, started with the production of tractors and agricultural machinery. The company, with these activities, managed to draw the attention of the local and the national markets, obtaining the recognition as one of the sector leading companies.

In the early 60’s, the company decided to face new challenges, starting at first by manufacturing agricultural tanks on trailers; and later on, and in order to meet the growing needs of the oil companies, by manufacturing tanks for fuel transportation and distribution.

The intuition of the importance of producing superstructures destined to the prompt intervention was decisive. These superstructures would offer assistance and support to earth moving machinery and equipment used in mining and construction sites.

Since the 90’s, The third generation, has been running a cutting-edge company in the field of the assistance to construction companies, to large plants, to mining companies and to raw materials transport companies, with an 80% of its production directed to export.

The company is a qualified supplier of all major vehicle body builders, it is committed to delivering quality, to improving safety and to meeting its customers’ needs.