SPE18 - Surface processing Equipment

Lime slurry mixing and delivery

The upgrading of the infrastructural network is a crucial challenge for the restart of our country: in order to face this challenge, keep up with the technological innovation and reach high quality standards in each implementation phase, Ravasini has designed a new special equipment which will be not only a pivotal resource to improve the efficiency in road construction process, but also a “Made in Italy “ response which can cope up with the highest international quality standards.

An important update, in this field, is represented by our stainless-steel tank, projected and realized for the installation on this special equipment, which will carry out the LIME SLURRY mixing and delivery during prime coat application; that is to say the bituminous emulsion, which is used to ensure the complete adherence of the new coat to the former one lying down under.

The main scope of the lime slurry is to shelter the binding layer from the wear process due to construction site vehicles traffic and keeping it clean.
Furthermore it represents a considerable advantage also for the constructions site vehicles, as the evaporation of water contained in the solution, allows the bituminous emulsion of the prime coat to cool down. Thanks to this process, the prime coat will not spoil the vehicles tires, making the cleaning of them an easy-to-do operation and preventing the spreading of prime coat residue along the roads near the site.

In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, it has been remarked a huge structural benefit originated by the application of lime slurry onto the prime coat. As a matter of fact, several international analysis have confirmed that applying lime slurry onto the prime coat can guarantee higher performances of the road pavement, for what concerns its shear strength.

As already stated, the vehicle technical features enable very high performances with the lime slurry application. The lime slurry is contained in a tank fitted with a shaker, to keep it in the liquid state, and connected through suitable pipes with the mixing unit. This unit has been designed to dilute the lime slurry with water, according to an ideal ratio fixed by the sector studies. The mixing is therefore carried out only during lime slurry delivery onto prime coat, so as to keep both substances separated one from the other for further use and to avoid that, due to long periods of inactivity, the material may fall into the tank, obstructing both pipes and nozzles.

The efficiency of the product in the long term is ensured by suitable devices, which enable the cleaning of the tank and of the other components where the particular mixing flows through; such as the side unloading pipe and the tank and pipes washing function, which is meant to be carried out by means of the connection with external sources or the pumping unit itself.