Ravasini Spa is a company specialized in the construction of “working sites equipment” and vehicles equipped for emergency assistance to machines and installations” fitted on chassis, trailers, semi-trailers, skids and containers

The company is characterized by the flexibility of the service offered to its customers.

Ravasini is in the position to modify and amend the equipment both in project stage and in realization stage in order to meet the specific requirements of each single customer. Ravasini, thus, is able develop products which are totally innovative.

The main customers are:
– Construction companies
– manufacturing industries
– Municipal companies
– Defense services
– Public organizations and agencies

The manufacturing structure is spread over an area of 12000 square meters, of which 4000 square meters are covered. Ravasini avails itself of highly qualified and constantly monitored sub suppliers, primarily for the production of components and standard processes, which allow it to increase the production capacity and to face any peak of demand, while maintaining the company flexibility and the product quality

The components sizing and the equipment adequacy are verified by computer analysis. The technique of three-dimensional design ensures the timely verification of the couplings