Fog for dust

For disinfection and dust control of large public areas

Fog for Dust is a sanitizing fogger machine formed by a tank for industrial water transportation, a front washing bar, a rear spraying bar to be used for watering and a spray cannon which generates micro-droplets (nebulized drops of water) which can be mixed with disinfectant.

This machine is built for an international market. We have designed a very versatile sanitizing fogger machine which, thanks to its nebulizing capability, will aid you in the disinfection and dust control of large public areas such as roads, parks, etc. It operates effectively and purifies the air from pathogens, safeguarding human health and the environment.

The multi-purpose equipment

This dry fog dust suppression system is not only a smog abatement machine, but is also a fog machine for dust control outdoors, at crushing sites, demolition sites and waste disposal sites.

Fog For Dust is a most valuable ally, as it doubles as both a road washing machine and a road disinfection machine used also for tunnels. But Fog for Dust’s versatility doesn’t end here: it is also a quarry dust suppression fog machine, meaning that it eliminates dust generated by site equipment at quarries, mines and steelworks.

A motor generator unit is installed on the system so that the disinfectant spray cannon can operate, in this way guaranteeing its outstanding performance on the short-medium-long range.

Like other RAVASINI products, the spray bar is connected to a hydraulically engaged pumping unit able to reach a flow rate of no less than 1200 l/min, allowing the operator to effectively and thoroughly clean the surfaces to be treated.
Particularly remarkable is the fact that both the action of the pumping unit and the spray bar will be operated directly from the cab by controls that facilitate use of the main devices.


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