The global challenge represented by COVID-19 urged RAVASINI to get out there/step up its game, by creating a new generation of products at the service of mankind and environment, designed to carry out an effective sanitization of both environments and spaces, protecting us from virus and bacteria. The new products have been designed  to considerably reduce the concentration of fine dust and smog, taking care of the environment.



ALL-IN ONE 19 is the best solution to sanitize the environments, wiping out any presence of pathogens.

Designed to face COVID-19, thanks to its washing and pre-washing bars, it is able to deliver disinfectant products mixed with water, making the procedure for environmental sanitization quick and easy-to-do. In order to check the effectiveness of such procedure, Ravasini has installed a real-time monitoring facility.


With this product RAVASINI aimed to focus on the needs of all those who work every day in environments with a high concentration of fine dust.

FFD is a new generation equipment fitted with a powerful nebulizer-cannon fed by a motor-generator, able to sanitize wide areas, which could not be treated otherwise, such as roads and tunnels, crushing sites, steelworks and dumps.

The addition of this function did not replace, but perfectly joined the wide range of operations already carried out by the classic RAVASINI systems: washing and watering through special spray bars and nozzles.

The new RAVASINI manufactured equipment is mainly destined to an international market and is a strong allied to work side by side with in difficult working milieu the like of mining sites and quarries.